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We believe that it's pretty important to set expectations about the ways that we will be in the Technicolor community with one another so that we can all show up in the fullness of ourselves and feel seen and appreciated for exactly who we are. 

By requesting to join Technicolor Ministries you agree to:

  • Be Present - A community relies on the participation of its members. You might participate by being active in conversation or attending events, or you might prefer to just keep up with what's going on - participating in a less interactive way. Both of these styles and everything in between are totally acceptable forms of presence.

  • Create Space for Multiple Truths - None of us experiences being LGBTQIA+, a parent, an ally, or anything else in exactly the same way and that doesn't make anyone's experience any less real or true. In fact, the more variety we have in experience, the more we learn about each other and our world.

  • Call Each Other In - We may have occasions where it feels appropriate to challenge someone's words or behaviors. We will always do this respectfully and expect that, when being challenged, we will receive feedback respectfully.

  • Assume Best Intentions - In the Lutheran world, we talk about Luther's interpretation of the 8th Commandment, that we place the best construction on our neighbors' actions. While we acknowledge that impact is important and needs to be addressed, if people show their humanity in a way that's hurtful, we agree to assume that they didn't mean to hurt anyone.

  • Recognize That Intent Is Different from Impact - We might say or do things that have a negative impact on others even when we have the best intentions. We agree to be accountable for the impact of our words and actions.

  • Share Gratitude for Feedback - When people provide us with feedback it shows us that they believe we have the potential to be even better than we are. We agree to thank people for their feedback and the learning opportunity that they're providing us.

  • Notice Power Dynamics - Power can show up in a variety of different ways. It's the intent of this community to include lay people, clergy, and synod staff. This alone brings complicated dynamics. There may also be other power dynamics at play as you interact with other people that you might know. This is especially important as we consider that some people may acknowledge their identities differently in different contexts. We agree to consider how we might be unconsciously using our privilege and power in this space. 

  • Place Learning and Growth at the Center -  Technicolor is all about how we can come together to learn more and grow into our full selves. This can be messy work and we may not always have all the answers. While we won't be able to fix everything that goes wrong, we will continue to grow and make progress toward a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable community.

We also acknowledge that there might be people who want to participate in this community in full color while not being able to be out in other parts of their lives. We respect the choice to use a pseudonym in this community in order to retain a level of anonymity. We do ask that you not create an entire other identity that might take the photos or name of another person.

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