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This summer thousands of Lutheran youth will travel to New Orleans for the 2024 ELCA Youth Gathering. A tradition of the event is trading trinkets from people all across the church. 

You’re invited to join All Places Together and Technicolor Ministries in making Pride friendship bracelets to share with queer youth (or anyone who wants one!). Pastor Colleen and Pastor Katy will be in attendance to share the love! Our hope is to bring hundreds of bracelets to show the youth of the ELCA that there are adults from all places that love them, celebrate their identities, and see them in their full technicolor awesomeness. 

We ask that you sign up so that we can keep track of the number of bracelets and so that we can ensure diversity of Pride colors. 

Three important dates:

Thursday, May 9 - Pride Bracelet Kick-Off. Learn how to make a friendship bracelet. Start beading together. Fun times. Chill vibes. 

Monday, July 1 - Have all bracelets in the mail to All Places Together.

Monday, July 8 - Bracelet Blessing at Zoom Communion. Join us for worship to bless the bracelets and pray for the youth and adults who will be attending the youth gathering.


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Some Pride Bracelet Basics:

  • Bracelets should be between 6 and 7.5 inches

  • You're welcome to include text, our favorite is "Beloved"

  • You're welcome to dabble in as many of the flags as you like, but don't feel like you have to choose all of them.

  • We have no preference between glass, seed, Heishi, pony, or other beads, but some types may require more beads to fill out a bracelet.

Bead Supply Examples 

Please genuinely feel free to use whatever beads you like most or are most accessible to you. Shapes, letters, etc. are welcome additions and no two bracelets needs to be the same.

Assorted Glass Beads

Assorted Pony Beads Colors - Assorted Pony Beads Letters

Assorted Heishi Beads

Assorted Pearl Beads

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